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Safe and excellent childcare
that makes a difference

About Us

It is our mission to provide safe and excellent childcare that makes a difference. In order to do this we have three priorities: safety, excellence, and making a difference.


We know that a parent’s greatest concern is the safety of their children. Our facilities, staff-to-child-ratio, background checks, procedures and training demonstrate our commitment to keeping your child safe while at C2C Camps.


We want to be excellent in what we do – that means creative programming, every minute of every day. Our weekly themes drive our daily activities. Our motto, “Every week a new destination, every day a new adventure.”

Makes a Difference

We want to make a difference. At C2C Camps, our goal is to develop individual relationships with children in order to bring them and their families into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to partner with parents to instill spiritual, emotional, academic, and relational health in children.

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